Christmas Orders/Timeline (Steel)

Updated 5 days ago by Redline Support

  • Our deadline date for all orders included in our expedited production prior to Christmas is December 5th, 2018.
    • However, there is a specific Christmas Guarantee Collection on our website, which guarantees all orders placed on or before December 10th will be included in our expedited Christmas production for delivery prior to Christmas.
      • Please note that this guarantee is only valid for orders which include items exclusively in the Christmas Collection.
        • For ex. If an order is placed on December 9th and the items on the order include an Infinity Sign (part of the collection) and a Distressed Battle Flag (not in the collection), then the guarantee is voided, and the customer is subject to our normal lead-times.

  • Unless the order contains items within our Christmas Guarantee Collection, all Orders placed after December 5th are subject to normal lead-times with expected delivery within 6 weeks of the customer's order date.
    • In extreme cases, some orders may be fulfilled after the 6 week mark, and can sometimes be delayed up to 8 weeks.
    • Many factors are taken into consideration, such as:
      • 1) Invalid Addresses
      • 2) Missing Text on Customized Items
      • 3) Bulk Orders (High Quantity)
    • Please double-check and verify that your entire order information is correct when placing an order to avoid further delays or interruptions.

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