Applying my Discount Code and/or Gift Card to my Order

Updated 1 year ago by Redline Support

  • There is a box labeled "Gift Card or discount code" on the Checkout Page, where users can input their Discount Code or Gift Card.
  • NOTE: If the product is already discounted, it cannot be further discounted with a code. Due to this, you may not see the screen below or a place to enter your discount code. Should you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance!
  • Discount codes and gift cards must be used at checkout to be considered valid. Once the order is approved and payment processed, we cannot retroactively apply the discount to the order.

  • Only 1 Discount Code or Gift Card code will apply at checkout.
Please Note: Discount codes and gift cards are limited to one use per purchase, and cannot be combined or stacked with other codes, gift cards, or promotional offers.
Please Note: If there is an active BOGO promotion offered, only 1 free item can be redeemed per order.

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