What makes your Bracelets and Leather Keychains so Unique?

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Interested in viewing our entire collection of Bracelets? Click Here to view more.

Interested in viewing our entire collection of Leather Keychains? Click Here to view more.

  • Between the premium quality, superior comfort and durability, and the hand-crafted fabrication, our American-Made Bracelets and Leather Keychains each stand the test of time and give the customer their best bang for a buck.
    • All Bracelets and Keychains are manufactured in our warehouse facility in Huntsville, Alabama.
    • Made from 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather
      • Bracelets include solid brass stud screws to ensure durability for a lifetime.
      • Keychains are offered with polished aluminum as an "add-on" feature to an already-beautiful and sturdy keychain.
  • Our Bracelets are a sure-fire way to impress your friends and improve your wardrobe tremendously.
  • Never lose your loose keys again with our high-grade leather Keychains, which are designed to easily fit in your pocket and include enough room for however many keys you may have.

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