Are Payments Captured at Time of Purchase?

Updated 4 years ago by Redline Support

  • Yes, when placing an order with us, we reserve the right to capture payments at the time of purchase.
    • Like most E-Commerce (Online) businesses operate, the customer agrees to authorize payment once the order has been placed. Given our business model, we cannot hold funds until the order has been shipped/delivered, as everything is made to order, and each item is specifically designed for that individual.
    • This is normal business practice for all online stores, being that equipment, labor, and design fees have already been allocated by the business for that specific order. You will find that ALL online businesses operate this way given the concerns of receiving what is owed once the customer has the product in-hand.

  • With that said, the company is NOT allowed/authorized to charge a card without pre-approval from the customer.
    • When an order is placed, the customer agrees to our Terms and Conditions, approving that the charge can be taken out of their account.
    • Additionally, the company DOES NOT keep any card information on-file for legal & security risks, which ensures complete fraud protection when placing an order.

  • For more questions or concerns, please contact the Customer Service dept., which is detailed on the back of your credit/debit card.

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