Size Guide (Bracelets/Keychains)

Updated 9 months ago by Redline Support

  • Bracelets: One Size Fits Most (Sized for 7" and 8" wrists).
    • According to studies, 85% of women and 70% of men have a 7" or 8" wrist. 
      • Small (S): 7 inches (average size of a woman's wrist)
      • Medium (M): 8 inches (average size of a man's wrist or a woman with a large wrist)

  • Keychains: One Size fits All
    • Designed to fit easily inside your pocket
    • Contains a heavy-duty metal "loop" that keeps your loose keys together and avoids the potential of losing your keys over time

Please Note: We currently DO NOT offer custom sizing at this time.

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