I ordered a few days ago and am wondering if I can edit my order? (Steel)

Updated 2 years ago by Redline Support

  • All custom items are final once the order has been placed and cannot be edited in our system. This includes text, color, size, and type of custom piece. Once a custom order has been placed, it is instantly designed and queued to cut in our nesting system. Due to this, we ask that you check the specifications of your order at the cart screen before processing your order.

  • If your order contains only non-custom stock items, we can modify some aspects of your order including color, size, etc. In some cases where there is a price difference, an additional charge may be required. However, since most orders are processed within 24 hours we cannot guarantee order modifications in all cases, and order modifications are issued at the discretion of the company. Please reach out to our Support Team for more assistance!

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