What are the perks/benefits/rewards of Redline Elite?

Updated 2 years ago by Redline Support

  • Receive a FREE Elite Care Package upon becoming an Elite Member.
    • Elite Apron
    • Signed Certification by CEO, Colin Wayne
    • 18" Product Design
    • Hand-Written Thank You Card

  • Get First Access
    • 2 hour "fast-pass" to Flash Friday promotions, limited releases, and exclusive access to Yard Sale/Clearance Items
    • Receive Opportunities to Purchase Exclusive, Unreleased Products throughout the year.

  • "Password-Protected" Redline Elite Facebook Group
    • Access to our restricted Facebook Group -- available only to Redline Elite Customers
      • Our Facebook Group will include posts of the latest deals, site/product news, and upcoming New Arrivals
      • Password is included in the Congratulatory Email that gets sent to the Customer upon becoming a Redline Elite Member.

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